This article will explain how to install Antelope Launcher on older MacOS systems.

1. First delete any other instances of Antelope Launcher that you may have installed on your computer

To do that:

- Download the Show Hidden Files App that is attached to this article.

- Open the hidden files app and click "Yes" on the prompt

- Go to Main system drive or Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/.AntelopeAudio

- Delete the antelopelauncher folder there. 

- Then install this version of the Antelope Launcher (make sure to skip the update):

2. After the installation is successful , every time you open the Antelope Launcher, you would need to click on "SKIP UPDATE" so the Antelope Launcher doesn't update automatically.

3. If by any chance the Antelope Launcher updates itself automatically , please repeat the steps above starting from step 1.

4. If the instructions do not work for you or you are not able to get the launcher to work, please contact our support team by submitting a ticket or joining the live chat.

Yours faithfully,

Antelope Audio Technical Support