This article would provide you with instructions on what to do if the "Critical Error Failure C" message is displayed on your device screen.

1. Unplug and plug back in the power cable of the device

2. Perform factory reset by following the instructions for your device in this article:

3. Once device is turned on :

For all devices with touch menu : Click the menu > Go to Screen Saver Time > Set it to OFF by clicking the confirmation button on the touch screen.

For the Orion Studio and Discrete Series: 

Hold down the Top Function button (the one on the top right of the screen) to access the System Menu of the device=>navigate with volume button=>Screen Saver Time > Set to OFF=>Confirm by pressing the volume button.

For the Orion 32+,32HD,32+ Gen3, 32HD Gen3:

Hold down the Power button to access the System Menu of the device=>navigate with frequency buttons=Screen Saver Time > Set to OFF=>confirm by holding the lower frequency button.

For all other devices:

Hold down the Power Button to access the System Menu-navigate with the Volume knob=>Screen Saver Time > Set to OFF=> confirm by holding the Volume knob.

If none of the above instructions helps you solve your problem, please contact our technical support team via the live chat or ticketing system.