This article will explain how to route external gear with any Discrete device. This will be done in the following scenario -
a guitar will be recorded in the DAW and the signal will be sent from the DAW to external gear and recorded back to the DAW on a different channel.

The first step is to send the desired signal to the DAW. We will connect a guitar to preamp 1, make sure our level is set on 'instrument'. A small guitar icon should be seen on the right side of preamp gain knob. Then we need to go to the DAW section and send our PREAMP 1 to the DAW, by choosing it from the drop-down menu. (All preamps should be already set in the 'DAW' section by default, if they are not, set all PREAMPS in a chronological order in this section in order to avoid confusion.)

We should already be getting our signal in the DAW on Channel 1. In order to send the signal out from the DAW we need to
choose an output source. When a DAW is open all outputs from the DAW correspond to Computer Play 1,2,3,4,5,... etc.
NOTE: Computer Play 1&2 is the MAIN OUT from the DAW, so we can use Computer Play 3,4,5,6.. and so on.
So we will send our guitar signal on channel 3 = Computer Play 3.
In order to send the signal from the Discrete device to external gear we will go to the ANALOG OUT section in the control panel and choose COMPUTER PLAY 3 on Line Out 1.
The next step is to take a cable and connect the Line Out 1 from the Discrete to the input of the external gear.

Now our signal is sent to the external gear and we need to send the signal back to the DAW.
In order to do that we need to take a second cable and connect the output of the external device to one of the preamps of the Discrete.
We have now connected our incoming signal to PREAMP 3. We need to make sure our level is set to LINE.
When our level is set to LINE we will have a small jack icon appear on the right side of the preamp gain knob.
In order to record this signal in the DAW we need to create a new Audio Track inside the DAW and select CHANNEL 3 as our source.
In order to monitor this signal from the control panel in real time with minimum latency we need to go to the MONITOR section choose PREAMP 3 from the drop-down menu and lift the volume fader up.

That is it, we are all done.

If you have any further questions regarding the routing possibilities with all Discrete devices, please refer to this article.