If you purchase a device in a promotion please follow the steps bellow in order to activate all your features.

Please open the launcher and click on 'Manage' next to your device.

The Antelope Registration Wizard window will show up. Please click on 'Continue'.

Then please click on 'Register device or assign features'. After that you will be asked to login to your account.
Then please put a tick in the checkbox next to your item and it is done!

AFX2DAW and MIC Emulation Activation 

If you want to activate the MIC Emulation or the AFX2DAW plugin you will need to go under 'Plugins' in the Antelope Launcher and install the feature by putting a tick in the checkbox next to it and clicking on 'Update'. This is done after all of the above steps have been completed. 

In order to use the MIC EMULATION as native VST's in your DAW you need an iLok dongle. To activate the VST's please enter the provided iLok code in the iLok License Manager.
NOTE: When prompted to activate the emulations after opening your DAW, insert the iLok dongle.