The control panel of the Discrete has 4 clickable menus situated under the pre-amp section.

The first section is called 'Monitors & Headphones'. In this section you can choose the source that will be monitored through the Monitors or the Headphones. Computer Play 1 and Computer Play 2 is the Main Out of the computer (YouTube, Spotify, DAW, etc.)

On each channel the source can be selected from a drop-down menu. All the options from the list include all available audio sources that can be used on the corresponding channel.

The DAW section is the last of the four main sections. Here you can choose what to send to the DAW.

The AFX section is situated under the selected source.
NOTE: The AFX are chosen for the individual channels. The source that is chosen for the corresponding channel will be affected by those AFX. No matter what the source is the AFX will stay on the channel and will be recorded in the DAW.

If you don't want to record the AFX in the DAW you can select the same source on 2 channels. Then you will need to put the AFX on the first channel and pull the fader all the way down on the second channel (dry signal). In the DAW you need to select the second channel as an input. This way you will monitor the wet signal and record the dry signal.