The following guide contains important install and setup information about AFX2DAW for Orion32+ | Gen. 3.


1. Requirements

2. How to install AFX2DAW

3. How to launch AFX2DAW

4. How to setup AFX2DAW

5. FX List

1. Requirements 

  • Apple Mac computer (2012 or later) with Thunderbolt™ connection

Note: Orion 32+ | Gen. 3 is a Thunderbolt™ 2 device. Thunderbolt™ 3 connections require a third-party TB3 to TB Legacy adapter and corresponding cables.

  • OS X 10.12 Sierra or newer.
  • Antelope Launcher version 2.1.5 or newer
  • Antelope Audio Unified Driver version 3.30 or newer
  • Orion32+ | Gen. 3 software version 1.1.14 or later
  • A working Orion32+ | Gen. 3 installation with the unit still connected to your Mac. You can download and install all necessary updates from Antelope Launcher.

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2. How to install AFX2DAW 

After purchasing AFX2DAW, you will receive a Claim Code at the e-mail address you used to register your Antelope Audio user account.

Note: If the e-mail doesn't seem to arrive in your inbox, please check your 'Spam' and 'Junk' folders.

1. Log-in to and head to the 'Claim Features' page to enter your Claim Code.

2. Open Antelope Launcher and click on the 'Plug-ins' tab. Fill the checkmark next to "Bundle Version", then click the 'update' button to download and install the plug-in.

3. Click on the 'Devices' tab.

4. Click the 'Manage' button next to your device.

5. Choose 'Register device or assign features' and click ‘Continue’.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to assign AFX2DAW to your Orion 32+ | Gen. 3.

Note: If you see multiple AFX2DAW bundles in the list, feel free to assign all of them.

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3. How to launch AFX2DAW 

Launch your DAW and load an instance of AFX2DAW on a mono or stereo track. The plug-in behaves almost exactly like the ‘Effects’ tab in the Orion 32+ | Gen. 3 Control Panel application. However, you no longer have to manually choose the channel you are working on, as AFX2DAW automatically binds to the track it’s loaded on.

The following functionality is available in AFX2DAW:

  • Click the ‘ADD NEW EFFECT’ drop-down menu to choose and add effects. Their instances will appear in the FX Rack to the right. The list on the left lets you click and drag to re-order.
  • Use the ‘SAVE’ and ‘LOAD’ buttons to store FX chains.
  • Use the ‘BP ALL’ and ‘DEL ALL’ buttons to bypass or clear all FX currently in the rack.
  • Use the drop-down menu below these buttons to load presets.
  • Individual ‘BP’ (bypass) buttons are available next to each effect in the list to the left.
  • Command-click and drag an FX parameter to adjust it in smaller increments.

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4. How to setup AFX2DAW 

Upon launching AFX2DAW, you will notice that a new instance of the Orion 32+ | Gen. 3 Control Panel is loaded. The ‘Routing’ tab now features an ‘AFX2DAW’ button immediately above the ‘MATRIX’ button.

Click this button and the following window will appear:

The Slider 

Click and drag the slider to adjust the number of AFX channels reserved for your DAW. This number cannot be larger than 32, which is half of the maximum 64 I/O audio channels supported by the Orion 32+ | Gen. 3 over Thunderbolt™. Following is a more detailed explanation of this setting.

For AFX2DAW to function, 'DAW' channels are assigned at the expense of 'PANEL' channels. The latter are represented by the number of 'TB PLAY 33-64' channels left in the Routing Matrix.

It is impossible to not have at least 32 'TB PLAY 1-32' channels available in the Routing Matrix at any time, regardless of the slider setting. However, it is possible to leave no channels for AFX2DAW at all. In such case, you will have all 'TB PLAY 1-32' and 'TB PLAY 33-64" channels available in the Routing Matrix, but the AFX2DAW plug-in won't function.

Feel confused? The following examples might provide a better understanding:

  • At the maximum setting of 32 'DAW' channels, the Control Panel is left with 32 'TB PLAY 1-32' available channels. All 32 'TB PLAY 33-64' channels have disappeared from the Routing Matrix as they have been allocated to AFX2DAW.
  • At the maximum setting of 32 'PANEL' channels, all 'TB PLAY 1-32' channels and all 'TB PLAY 33-64" channels appear intact in the Routing Matrix, but the AFX2DAW plug-in stops functioning.

There is no 'correct' setting here, so feel free to adjust the slider at any time to meet your session's demands. Click 'Apply' to store the current setting and close the setup window.

FPS Refresh Rate Knob 

Click and drag the FPS refresh rate knob to set the frame rate for peak meter animations of FX loaded in AFX2DAW. Increasing the frame rate results in smoother animations but comes at the cost of CPU power.

Note: Closing all open AFX2DAW windows in your DAW session eliminates the use of CPU power to animate peak meter movement, as such is no longer being rendered on or off-screen.

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5. FX List 

The Orion 32+ | Gen. 3 ships with a selection of essential FPGA-powered FX, which includes the following products:

1. AuraVerb (Reverb)

2. Master De-Esser (De-essing)

3. PowerEX (Expander)

4. Powergate (Noise Gate)

5. PowerFFC (Feed-Forward Compressor)

6. ClearQ (Equalizer)

Fill out your FPGA FX arsenal with authentic models of vintage compressors and equalizers by purchasing them from our website.

Note: AuraVerb is a Send effect for monitoring from Mixer 1 and is not available as an insert anywhere.

Further Reading:

Antelope Audio - AFX2DAW FAQ

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