System & Software Requirements Installation Guide

Please read the document thoroughly, make sure your system meets all conditions required for usage of AFX2DAW.

System Requirements:

  • Discrete 4/8 Premium Pack with Valid Claim Code:

AFX2DAW can be used only on Discrete 4/8 Interfaces with valid Premium Pack code claimed via Antelope Audio Website User Account and your Discrete 4/8 administration software. For Example, the claim code should be “D8PQ70Z2O9U” or “D4PQ70Z2O9U”

  • Computer Hardware: 

Apple Mac 2012 or [newer] with compatible Thunderbolt™ port. 

  • Operating System:

Apple OS X 10.11 [El Captain] or newer OS with compatible Antelope Audio Software.

  • Additional Software:

           Antelope Launcher v.1.8.3 or newer

           Antelope Audio Unified Driver 3.26 or newer 

           Server 1.6.4 or newer

           control panel 1.7.0 or newer

           All of the software can be downloaded when Launcher 1.8.3 is started.

Installation Guide:

  • Install & Run Antelope Launcher 1.8.3.

  • Install Audio Driver & Antelope Server.

  • Go to “Software” tab on your Antelope Launcher 

  • Locate “AFX2DAW”

  • Press “Update”

*We do recommend installing the software packages into default directories. If different locations are used, please choose the file locations manually by clicking on each dialog box.

  • Press “YES” to confirm and finish the installation.

  • Your system will be automatically rebooted after the first installation of AFX2DAW.

  • Launch your preferred DAW 

  in this document we chose LOGIC open your track go to Plugins List and AFX2DAW should be there.

Congratulations you have successfully installed AFX2DAW on your computer.

FAQ Section:

“Can I use the AFX2DAW software under USB?“

- AFX2DAW is currently available only through Thunderbolt connectivity for Apple macOS X.

“What is AFX2DAW?”

  • AFX2DAW is a software FPGA bridge. The sole purpose of this software is to deliver a processing free environment and easy to use workflow to our users. What it does is to enable the use of our FPGA-based effects as plugin inserts in your preferred DAW.

“How many AFX2DAW plugins can I load in one DAW session?”

  • You may load up to 16 AFX2DAW plug in instances per session. 

“How many AFX per instance can I use?“

  • The AFX2DAW Plug in, works as mirror to your FPGA Based Effects.

  • It can be used on mono or stereo channels.

  • It loads up to 4 effects per plug in instance.“Is AFX2DAW Mono or Stereo?”

“How many effects per model can I load with my AFX2DAW?“

  • It can load the same amount of effects as your Discrete FPGA Engine. The amount of processing power left is marked on the side to each effect when the cursor of the mouse is hovered there. 

“Can I use the AFX2DAW Plug in when my control panel is closed?”

  • The plugin does not work when the Antelope Control panel is closed. It should be open in order to use the AFX2DAW. 

“Does my CPU processing get affected when I use AFX2DAW?“ 

  • AFX2DAW software does not use your computer CPU to process the plugins or any I/O audio stream. 

    We do use our internal audio interface engine. You still get CPU free processing.

    Your CPU will be only taxed with the visual processing on the AFX2DAW. Even this can be avoided when AFX2DAW view is closed after settings configuration or automation is done.

“Can I use the AFX2DAW software without Premium Pack Code?“

  • AFX2DAW is currently available for Discrete 8/4 Premium AFX Pack Users Only

Troubleshooting Section:


“AFX2DAW doesn't support higher sample rate projects than 48kHz (88.2kHz, 96.0kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz) in Avid Pro Tools 


Please run yoru project session on 48kHz or lower to ensure AFX2DAW compatibillity with Avid Pro Tools 

Higher sample rate project support will be added soon.


 “I experience high CPU usage”

Solution:: i

Close plugin UI view.


“I click somewhere within the plugin, but nothing happens”


Restart your DAW, antelope software and device.


“The audio is distorted”


Reboot your computer. If problem persists, contact technical supported.


“The plugin says “No Antelope device found”


Make sure that your device is connected over thunderbolt and that launcher is up and running and finds the device.


“The plugin says “Could not allocate AFX slots! Did You assigned AFX2DAW feature? “


After claiming your “Premium AFX pack” on the website, open control panel, click on ?>administration>Register device or assign features, follow the steps and assign “Premium AFX pack” to your current device.


“The plugin says “Can't launch panel.“


Make sure that the panel is installed and up to date inside Antelope launcher. Make sure you run it from the launcher.


“In stereo mode, the settings seem to not be applied on both channels”.


Re-add the AFX within AFX2DAW chain.


Automation in "Logic Pro" and "Pro Tools" causes severe audio distortion.


Disable the "Sample perfection automation" option in your DAW.


The plugin says “Could not allocate AFX slots! Did You assigned AFX2DAW feature? “


After claiming your “Premium AFX pack” on the website, open control panel, click on ?>administration>Register device or assign features, follow the steps and assign “Premium AFX pack” to your current device.    

    Sometimes you can get this message after using the plugin for some time. Reason for this hides in your DAW. Some DAWs do not release all resources when you unload the plugin. Because of this the channels that were allocated to the previous instances are not freed thus at one point you have no more channels available to the plugin. Solution: close the DAW and reopen it.


Release information:

AFX2DAW is currently available for Antelope Audio Discrete 4 & 8 with premium pack claim codes.

And for Orion Studio, Zen Tour &  Orion Studio 2017 with separate purchase from our website :

AFX2DAW is currently available only through Thunderbolt for Apple OS X

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