Please make sure to have a running internet connection.

Navigate to the product page of your device, or the downloads section in the support page and download the Launcher application for the operating system you are using. 

Once you have downloaded it, install and open software.

The launcher will install the Control Panel, Driver and the latest Firmware version for your device, if it has not been already installed.

After that click on the icon on the Launcher “Launch Control Panel”

It is mandatory to always use the Launcher in order to start the control panel.

When the Control Panel is open it will prompt you the activation wizard, just click on the REGISTER button.

You will see a message stating: 

Please, login with your user account and follow the procedure to start working with your device(s).

When you have opened up our website navigate to the top right corner and click on LOGIN.

Once the login page has loaded, click on Create an account or login to your user account, if you already have one.

Type in your email address and click on Create. 

Check your inbox for an activation email and follow the link included in the email.

Fill in the required Account information and click on Create an account.

You can now log toy our account. 

After successfully creating your Antelope Audio user account navigate to the Control Panel of your device and click on Continue. 

Enter the user name and password you used for the registration in our website and click on Continue. 

On the next screen choose “Register device and assign features” and click on Continue. 

Fill in the necessary fields and click on Continue.

Choose register device and Continue. 

Now you have set the ownership of your unit and you are good to go.