Here’s a step by step guide of how to update your Goliath Launcher from product specified version to unified Antelope Audio Launcher.The following article includes uninstallation of your current software and simple installation guide of the new Launcher.

The first part of this guide is dedicated to removal of your current launcher which won’t function after current update - Firmware 3.61 and Control Panel 2.1.7


Windows uninstallation Guide :
Go to:
Add or remove Programs aka Apps & Features
To access this menu, please execute on of the following key commands;

Press the Windows button on your computer  keyboard, or select the Windows icon in the lower-left corner of the main screen.

Type in ‘Add or remove programs ’ then your Windows will find the app as shown below

Open the Apps & Features Panel and Locate your Zen Tour Launcher by scrolling down till you spot:

Goliath Launcher Version 3.1.6


Confirm all actions and complete the process until the following message appears:

Congratulations you have successfully uninstalled/removed your old Goliath Launcher!

Apple uninstallation Guide :

Locate your Goliath Launcher Application.

By default your app will be in the “Downloads” Folder.

In our case we have moved it in“Application  Folder”

If the app is not there it may be on your Desktop or your Apple Dock.

When the Launcher App is located

please, Right Click  on the application icon  or Ctrl Click

And select “Move to Trash”

This action will remove the old Goliath Launcher from your computer. 

If Goliath Launcher is on your "Apple Application Dock” please make sure to remove it from there before deleting it. This will prevent misuse of the old application.

Please note:

Our Goliath App does not come with uninstaller tool kit. 

Therefore "Move to Trash" operation completely deletes the Launcher from your computer.

Congratulations! You have successfully uninstalled/removed your old Goliath Launcher!


Antelope Audio Unified Launcher Windows installation guide:

Go to: or

Click on the Download Launcher 

After the download process completes,

please double-click on the file to run the installer.

Click “NEXT" to proceed with the installation. When installation bar does complete please click on “FINISH” to confirm and end the installation wizard.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed your NEW Antelope Launcher on  your Windows computer!

Antelope Audio Unified Launcher Apple OS X Installation Guide:

Go to: or

Click on the "Download Launcher" button.

After the download process completes,

please double-click  on the file to run the app .dmg file,

 then click open, if you get the following message:

Double Click on "" to run the update on the launcher.

After the update completes you will return to installer Window.

Simply drag and drop the Antelope Launcher to your “Application Folder” to complete installation.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed your NEW Antelope Launcher on APPLE OS X !

Thank you for reading through the manual, we hope the covered information so far was helpful to you!

In the next part of this guide we will cover the Firmware Update & Software Control Panel.

Goliath Firmware Update & Software Control Panel :

The new Antelope Launcher provides you with ease of use user interface environment, which combines the old school practice of software control panel and firmware installation, and creates a new friendly update environment.

The Launcher includes the following selection  [From Left to Right]


[Displays all available devices connected to your network]


[Displays all available software packages installed or read to install on your computer]

Control Panel Start Icon and Device ID 

Displays the complete device information [firmware revision hardware revision & control panel revision]

Updater Tab & Notification Updates Tab

Displays current available [not yet installed updates] & update progress bar when update is triggered

Server Progress Bar

Shows the installation process of new servers on your launcher

Update Button 

Admin Button 

Update process explained:

When your Goliath is ready to update it will show all available versions which are not already installed, under Updates Available tab.

This means that the device is ready to update the Launcher, the Server, the Driver, the Device Firmware and Control Panel.

In order to proceed with the update press the UPDATE BUTTON 

After update process is triggered you will get the following notification message:

If you press YES, the complete update process will start in the sequence of installations.

Here is an example of a typical major update process:

Step 1

Server Update

Step 2


Step 3 

Control Panel 

Step 4

Update Complete 

Please note that your new launcher can update your server your firmware your control panel and your audio driver* [MAC ONLY] at once.

After your update is complete, you will get a message "UP-TO-DATE" Software. This will confirm that your device update has been completed.

After you get this you may start your control panel from the LAUNCH CONTROL PANEL button.

Thank you for taking the time to read the update manual.
Enjoy your recently updated Goliath!

Best Regards,
Antelope Audio