I get random Clicks &Pops / Sample Drops  over Thunderbolt on MAC OS within  DAW Recording Session or  Native Media Player.


Make sure your device has the latest  audio drivers, which can be downloaded from the device product page.

Make sure the needed amount of buffer size is set compared to your session load.

If you get audio drop outs or session glitches 

Make sure the device driversample rate is matched to your software sample rate.


 -if your DAW Runs on 48.0 kHz and your Audio Midi Set-up is on 44.1 kHz this may create a internal clocking conflict. 

Please make sure to always match your sample rate settings on host applications.                    

Correct: Set-up

Incorrect Set-up

Turn off your WIFI when recording in your DAW. 

Your computer Wifi  may interfere with the Thunderbolt controller which results in clicks &pops.