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During troubleshooting, you may be required to provide versions of the currently ran firmware, control panel and/or driver of the device. Below is information on how to check this with different Antelope Audio devices.

Discrete 4, Discrete 8, Zen Tour and Orion Studio devices:

1. Run the Antelope Launcher application and make sure the device is connected to the computer.

2. The currently installed control panel and firmware versions, as well as the hardware version are all listed to the right of the control panel launch button (check the image below).

Orion 32 series, Goliath series, Pure 2 and Zen Studio devices:

1. Run the control panel launcher of your device.

2. Once the device has connected successfully and the control panel loads fully, click the question mark button on the top-right of the window (check below).

3. The small window that appears contains information on the current firmware version, control panel version and the device serial number. It also lists the hardware version of the connected device which can be useful in some cases.

Driver version check:

Windows OS:

1. Open Device Manager and locate the Antelope Audio device.

2. Right click, select Properties and navigate to the Driver tab.

3. Check the image below on where to check the driver version.

Mac OS:

1. Run a Spotlight search for Unified driver, if you have already installed the driver. If not, you can aquire the installation file from the page of your device on our website.

2. Run the driver installer.

3. Check the currently installed version (check below).

Please do not hesitate to contact Antelope Audio support, should you need any further assistance with the above!

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